3 Types of Bets in MMA Betting

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The world of MMA have so many exciting features that can be daunting for the newcomers to the fandom, moreover if they want to wager on a match. Read on to learn the fundamentals we thought every fan of MMA should know.

Some Basic Knowledge First

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which is a style of fighting that, as the name implies, mixes various martial arts into a single fighting style that may include grappling and striking the opponent. The fight takes place inside an eight walled cage, in which there is a referee and to its sides, three judges sitting beside the octagonal cage.

Since the fights have a determined duration established, and a determined number of rounds, the fights might end, and then the judges make a decision based on who won the most rounds, awarding 10 pts per victory.

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If one of the fighters manages to irreversibly submit the other one, in which case the submitted fighter makes a sign to let the referee and judges know he is beat. On the same tone, if the fighter goes unconscious, he automatically loses.

The referee and doctor also have the power to stop the fight altogether if either feels that one of the fighters is acting erratically or just consider that he can’t go on. If determined so, the opponent wins the fight.

As with every sports, there are rules to MMA, and if a fighter breaks them he might just be disqualified on the spot, thus ending the fight and giving his opponent the victory. However, if the illegal hit is determined to be an accident, the fight ends with no winner.

The team behind the fighter might also stop the fight if they deem it necessary to protect their fighter, and it is normally done when there is no hope for winning.

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The most widely known MMA organizations worldwide are the UFC, the Bellator MMA, the WSOF, Invicta FC and One championship. The fighters are also separated in various wage classes and by gender.

The Cards

These fighting cards are published usually before the fight are simply a graphic depictions of the way the fights are going to go down, and all the matches are listed in it.

The Basic Bets

These are the most widely known ones, as they simply consist on picking a winner and putting your money on them. Also pretty basic is the bet on how long the fight will last, regardless of the winner.

The Props Bets

Betting on props basically consists of betting on the odds of a particular event occurring during the fight, such as how long the fight will last, in what round will it end, will it be a draw, how will the victor win.

These are more advanced bets, that the sharp bettors often take advantage of, and keep the wagers more interesting for the well-seasoned ones. Contact your sportsbooker and start earning money

There you have it, the basic info you need to understand about MMA: the various ways in which the fight might end, what the fights consist off and how they are regulated. Well known MMA organizations, and how they present the fighters before the matches along with a list of the types of bets you can place when you’re getting into MMA wagering.

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